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guba family

Guba family

Guba family

Group of friends, named Guba family, works and enjoys together in common goal to offer your family the nicest accommodation (holiday vacation apartment home) in the very center of Maribor city - to be in the middle of all cultural and tourist events and attractions on one side and/or in the heart of the nature on the other. We renovated the Guba Apartments "Maribor Center No. 1", "Maribor Center No. 2", "Maribor Center No. 3", "Maribor Center No. 4" as well as Guba Apartment "3 Ponds" (the five apartments in Maribor center) in years 2007 and 2010 with an aim to offer you comfortable and lovely place during your vacation in Maribor and Slovenia.

Furthermore, besides the sole accommodation, we are offering you our help by creating your vacation in Slovenia. Based on your expressed wishes we can offer you a vacation package which you will never forget!

Do not hesitate and ASK ABOUT US as your potential hosts or about Slovenia as your potential vacation destination - get an honest answer from the people all over the world who were our guests already!