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luxury apartment

Our apartment rental offer includes:

  • accommodation (vacation holiday home) in the center of Maribor old city
  • transfer from your arrival point (Maribor, Graz, Brnik or Zagreb airport, railway or bus station)
  • city bikes to enjoy our beautiful city (on your request we can arrange also mountain bikes for you)
  • organization of the ski school for our guests with the professional ski teachers


To your family we are offering accommodation in luxury Guba Apartments in the very center of Maribor city:

If you arrive to Maribor by bus, train or plane we also arrange (on your previous request) transfer for you, which is free of charge.

The accommodation price involves also gratis city bikes for the entire family (also on your previous request). This way you can enjoy your vacation in Maribor on bicycles, which can be an experience by itself.

NOW you can check our offer also in Croatian language at www.apartmanimaribor.com.